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Richard Riemerschmid

München 1868 -
München 1957

Richard Riemerschmid, who was an interior decorator, furniture designer, and architect, was a leading exponent of German Jugendstil. A co-founder of the "Deutscher Werkbund" and other similar associations, Richard Riemerschmid exerted a formative influence on German living and lifestyle in the early decades of the 20th century.
Richard Riemerschmid attended the Munich Art Academy until 1890 before working as a freelance painter. He wrote for the periodical "Jugend".
In 1898 Richard Riemerschmid was a co-founder of the "Vereinigte Werkstätten für Kunst im Handwerk" in Munich. By then Richard Riemerschmid was designing his first interiors, including the music salon for the 1899 art exhibition in Dresden. In 1902 Richard Riemerschmid was one of the founders of the Garden City Associationan. In 1907 Riemerschmid joined Peter Behrens, Peter Bruckmann, Josef Maria Olbrich, Fritz Schumacher, and Hermann Muthesius in founding the "Deutscher Werkbund".
From 1907 until 1913 Richard Riemerschmid was head architect of the first German garden city, in Dresden-Hellerau. From 1909 Riemerschmid was also involved in building a garden city in Nuremberg 1909. In 1913 Richard Riemerschmid was appointed director of the "Kunstgewerbeschule" in Munich; from 1925 until 1931 he was director of the Cologne Werkschulen. In 1900-01 Richard Riemerschmid built the Schauspielhaus Theatre in Munich as well as the "Deutsche Stunde in Bayern" radio building (1927).
In 1928 Richard Riemerschmid built the pavilion for the Reckendorf publishing house at the "Pressa" trade fair in Cologne.

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